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As we will be following the "window" method for constructing your marquetry picture it would be a good idea to obtain a sheet of black carbon paper (don't use the blue variety because it will stain the wood) and some sheets of tracing paper on which you will place your design that will ultimately operate as your cutting template.

From reading these pages so far you may be feeling a little daunted by the material requirements needed by the budding marquetarian, but fear not, marquetry does not have any rules as such from which to perform the art, it purely offers past guidelines that are no more than recommendations, you can of course use your own methods to produce the pictures and achieve perfect results, however, in these tutorials I shall be describing the established methods adopted by most marquetarians which have proved their validity over the years.

So, for now, take the time to amass your materials as I’ve described and in the next update of this page I shall guide you through the stages of your initial cutting and the primary assembly of your first marquetry picture, see you soon.

Recommended materials and possible suppliers:

Veneers A few various types Vale Veneers Co Ltd at http://www.valeveneers.co.uk
EvoStik PVA
Green container Most DIY stores
or craft knife
Plus a few spare blades Either of the above addresses
Cutting mat A4 size recommended Most art shops or Office Supplies retailers
MDF blanks
for mounting finished picture on
Sizes as dictated by your pictures Most DIY stores
General marquetry materials All items Just click this link to our recommended suppliers page "marquetry materials"

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