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Useful Links
A collection of Marquetry themed links

Marquetry Groups and Clubs

The Marquetry Society The central marquetry authority for all affiliated groups and everything to do with marquetry https://www.marquetry.org
Staffordshire Marquetry Group A very friendly established website from the Staffs, West Midlands area http://www.staffordshiremarquetry.org.uk/
Leeds Marquetry Group Yorkshire based group who were recently featured doing marquetry techniques on prime time television. Very enthusiastic and informative web site http://www.leedsmarquetry.org.uk
American Marquetary Society
(Formerly American Marquetarian. Inc.)
The American Marquetary Society is a non profit corporation devoted to advancing the art and craft of marquetry http://www.americanmarquetrysociety.com
Marquetry Society
of Victoria Inc
The Marquetry Society of Victoria, Australia. A very friendly bunch of marquetry enthusiasts with a very interesting website. Enjoy a visit. http://www.marquetryvic.org.au/

Veneer and Sundries Suppliers

Craft Supplies Ltd)
Looking for a Marquetry Kit? Want veneers, tools, glues and everything else to do with marquetry and woodturning?
Visit Turners-Retreat for all your needs.
Vale Veneers Competitively priced veneers. They stock many hard to get veneers and their off cut packs are to be recommended http://valeveneers.co.uk
Capital Crispin Veneer Co. Ltd Decorative and constructional veneer suppliers http://www.capitalcrispin.com
e-mail: info@capitalcrispin.com
Blades and Knives Direct On Line supplier of the Swann Morton range of craft and scalpel blades and handles highly favoured by most marquetarians. Very competitive rates. http://www.bladesandknivesdirect.co.uk/
D. F. RICHARDS (VENEERS LIMITED) Veneer suppliers. They have a very informative and easy to use web site which shows the veneers progress from tree to final veneer http://www.the-veneer.com
Heritage Inlay Design Ltd. Established in 1984, they are a UK based company specialising in the manufacture of high quality marquetry inlays, layons and panels for a wide variety of projects. They have a very interesting web site which is well worth a visit http://www.heritageinlay.com
Anita Marquetry Laser Marquetry specialists who provide a wealth of information for Marquetarians http://www.marquetry.co.uk
R. Aaronson Veneers Specialists in veneers, inlays and bandings. Includes photographic examples http://www.veneers.org.uk
Inlaid Woodcraft Company Specialises in veneer inlays, overlays, marquetry and furniture panels http://www.inlaidwoodcraft.com
Silas Kopf Woodworking Manufacturers of bespoke furniture incorporating superb marquetry features. They also produce an excellent marquetry DVD that will teach you loads of authoritative saw cutting techniques http://www.silaskopf.com
FormWood Industries North American manufacturer of veneers, veneer laminates and architectural panels. http://www.formwood.com

Marquetry and Veneers Information Web Sites

Alan's Factory Outlet This is more than just a commercial website, it has a lot of information and hints & tips about all manner of woodworking practices. Very helpful and a wonderful reference source. Thanks to Aubrey for flagging it up. http://store.alansfactoryoutlet.com/Building-With-Wood-Tips-and-More-s/1860.htm
Wood-Furnaces.net. This is a highly recommended website with lots of information about different parts of wood marquetry. The staff and students of Elmgrove Community Center have very kindly told us that this website is a very useful reference source. After our editorial team visited the website, we find that we most certainly agree with them. http://www.wood-furnaces.net/wood-marquetry.html
Marquetry, art info and kits Visit Jan Walker's web site for guidance and teaching on all matters marquetry. Jan has instructional DVD's and marquetry kits available for sale - offering you all you need to get on the road to great marquetry. http://www.jansart.ca
Willow Tree Academy An Academy of fine woodworking. Teaching techniques at the very highest levels of furniture making and custom inlay work. Specialists in hand tool techniques. http://www.willowtreeacademy.com
Alladd.com Highest quality inventive jewellery boxes and Cutting boards with Parquet inlays. Includes resources such as wood descriptions and 'how to' information of interest to all woodworkers. http://www.alladd.com
Hobbit House Inc Specialists in exotic woods. Very detailed and authoritative work has been put into this web site. For example, take a look at 'Gum' (known in Britain as American Gum) to see what we mean http://www.hobbithouseinc.com/personal/
Felber-intarsien A family business in the veneer trade operating a superb school of marquetry. Located in Heilbronn, Germany. The web site is in German, but is none the less definitely worth a visit. http://www.felber-intarsien.de
Inlay.com Information on all aspects of inlay crafts including marquetry, intarsia, stone and mosaics http://www.inlay.com
Shropshire Cutting Edge Marquetry An internet based group that specialises in debating ideas and techniques. Illustrated with many photographs of interesting marquetry works http://www.shropshirecuttingedgemarquetry.co.uk
Rare woods and veneers USA In their specimen section they have over 1,000 pictures and descriptions of wood on display. Very worth while visiting especially for the information on those rare woods http://www.rarewoodsandveneers.com/
W. Patrick Edwards A site specialising in French Marquetry with pictures and tutorials. Informative http://www.wpatrickedwards.com
Saskatchewan Woodworkers Guild North American site sharing their interest in Marquetry and finishing techniques http://www.saskwoodguild.ca
Sholl Antiques American folk crafts including pen knife whimsy sculptures, marquetry and pyrography http://www.tramp-art.com
Alardus van den Bosch Intarsia work with an interesting picture gallery http://www.alardus.co.uk
Woodezine A monthly online magazine addressing issues of interest to woodworkers, carvers and turners all over the world http://www.woodezine.com

Directories and Search Engines specialising in woodcrafts

Frety.net An excellent search engine / directory.
Specialises in art themed web sites.
YoySearch.com A convenient interface to ten types of search.
A good marquetry section
CraftDirectory.org An Arts and Crafts Directory with over 24,000 links http://www.craftdirectory.org

Art Based Web Sites

All Art On Line. com This is a very impressive web site which is an on line Art Gallery that is free and open to all Sculptors, Designers and Artists. I've thoroughly enjoyed visiting it. Do allow it a minute or two to fully load as it has a large first page. Highly recommended. http://allartonline.com
Full Digital Art. com A companion web site to the one displayed above. It has a very full "Home Page" so if you are using a "dial up" internet connection, please do allow a minute or so for the site to fully load. The wait will be worth it. http://FullDigitalArt.com
Bernard Rottenfus. You will find references to more than 100 artists and associations on these sites.
These web sites list many techniques and have a very large reference library of veneers scanned into their database.
lamarqueterie.com A useful and interesting web sites operated under the control of Bernard Rottenfus http://www.lamarqueterie.com
British National Gallery An institution to be sure. Most certainly very well worth visiting. http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk
Tate Gallery As said above, another on-line gallery not to be missed. Check out the Turner Gallery. http://www.tate.org.uk