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Meet some of the illustrious members that went to make up our Redbridge group in the 1990's.
Please note that many of the featured members have since retired or passed away since this section of the
website was first written - it will be brought up to date with a future update.

That "handsome" fellow in the gold frame is our beloved Chairman Roy Murton. He has been our guide and mentor at Redbridge for many years.

Roy won the portraiture cup at the Society's National exhibition a couple of years ago with his stunning picture of David Jason as Mr Micawber, this portrait being endorsed by David Jason himself. If you would like to see this excellent portrait please look in our Redbridge Gallery room 1. Here's a short cut link: Gallery room 1

Roy Murton
Alf Murtell

Here is Alf Murtell who is our President at Redbridge. Alf started his marquetry career with the original London group (which was the kernel of the Society itself) back in the early 1960's.

He later formed the Redbridge group in April 1979 along with Derek Austin (who was the previous President of the Marquetry Society) and remains one of our most stalwart members.


The next marquetarian we'd like you to meet is Tom Brewer. Tom is now the longest serving member of the Marquetry Society.

He joined the Society within the first couple of years of its inception and has stayed a loyal member for nearly half a century and in that time he has produced some of the finest works you are ever likely to see.

Tom's biography is available for you to read on this web site, for a short cut to Tom's biography just click this following link: Tom Brewer's Page

Tom Brewer
Gloria Murton

This lovely lady is our librarian Gloria Murton who has the unique distinction of being married to our chairman Roy Murton.


An impromptu gathering of some of the Redbridge Marquetry Group committee members debating very deep and controversial topics such as "why does veneer tape taste like it does?"

Committee Meeting

Working away

And yet another busy evening at Redbridge. This is just one corner of our light and spacious room where our group gathers to work on their marquetry masterpieces and chat and exchange points of view on all matters marquetry

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