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Tutorials & Demonstrations Links Page

We have grouped the links to our tutorials and demonstrations conveniently together on this "menu" page. The reason we have done this is because our tutorials are getting to be very comprehensive and we now need a menu system that will make each tutorial easier to access, we hope you find this system helpful.

To reach any tutorial just click the appropriate button below.

Please Note: Due to the sharp implements and volatile materials used in the processes of making marquetry pictures - we would like to draw your attention to the Health & safety button listed below. We recommend you to read this informative Health & safety page before you progress on to starting your first picture.

We, at the Redbridge Marquetry Group practice and promote safety in marquetry.

Beginners Section
Learn with RMG Demo Film 1 Demo Film 2 Marquetry Tools Health & Safety
"Hands On" Tutorials
Sand Shading Basket Weave Trellis Work Louis Cubes Diamond Style
Chess Board Piercing Saw Scraper Tool Flatten Veneer Fragmentation
Fine Lines TunbridgeWare Mitres & Borders Varnishing Bookmarks
Harewood Drawing Ovals Leaves on Trees Parquetry Eric Horne
Tools and Processes
Making Veneer Sharpening Donkey Saw Veneer Hammer Bleaching
Reference Section
Veneer Types Veneer Gallery Veneer Colours Latin Names Aged Veneers
Clips from Tutorials & Demonstrations
Video Clips 1 Video Clips 2 Piercing Saw Musical Boxes Money Boxes
The Society TunbridgeWare USA Veneer Spike's Portrait Photo Clean Up
    Marquetry Press