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Detailing the history and origins of the Redbridge Marquetry Group from the earliest days of the original London group

The old London group, however, had unwittingly set many standards that have become normal practice these days. For instance the very first of the society's national exhibitions took place on the 25th April 1953 within the London group's environs inside the foyer of the Odeon Cinema, Guildford.

The society's well respected 'Marquetarian' magazine also, in it's turn, started out in life as a photo copied single sheet newsletter for members of the London group. 

Another achievement of the London group was the presentation of commemorative marquetry pieces to various august bodies, one example being this plaque (photo bottom right) bearing the coat of arms of the London borough of Hackney.

Several members of the London group participated in the making of the plaque and I'm pleased to say that some of them are still with us in the Redbridge Marquetry group today.

This very decorative piece has been hung in the council chamber at the Hackney Town Hall and has stood up to the passage of time with all the fortitude and dignity that its workmanship demanded.

As well as this very important piece of marquetry work intended for permanent display in Borough Council chambers, the London group also had another even more significant marquetry piece they had been working on that they intended to present to a very important person.

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If you would like to read a description of the methods used in the construction of the aforementioned plaque, please click this following link:

Hackney Town Hall Plaque 

A member of our group has unearthed some notes made at the time of the inauguration of the Marquetry Society - it makes intriguing reading to see how it all began. Click the following link to read about the early days:

Marquetry Society History 

We have an "early days of the RMG photo gallery" you may find interesting. It depicts many historic events from the Redbridge archives.
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Early RMG Photos 

PHOTO: Newspaper cutting concerning Hackney plaque

PHOTO: Kym Harvey displays the finished plaque