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Our RMG Beginners
or they were when we first wrote this article!
They've improved a lot since then - these photos are from 2008 - how time flies!
Roy with beginners 1
Roy teaches basic marquetry techniques
Roy teaches pic 1
A month further advanced.
Members seen are, from left to right:
Stan Adelman, Ron Smith, Roy, Eddy Grigg.
Roy teaches 2
Another view of the Beginner's group.
From left to right:
Stan Adelman, Ron Smith, Roy, Eddie Grigg.
Working on picture 1
Here we take a look over Stan Adelman's shoulder where we see the clean and tight cutting that Stan is already applying to his marquetry work.
Eddy Griggs picture 1
In this picture we see Eddie Grigg making incredible progress with his picture of a certain "dark stout" delivery lorry. We won't say what the stout (beer) is, but if anyone wants to buy me a pint, I wouldn't argue!!
(I think we have a thirsty scribe here!: Editor)
Eddie and his picture 2

Another view of Eddie working on his beer delivery lorry picture.(This talk of beer  is making even me feel thirsty: Web Master)

A better view of Eddies picture 3
A more detailed view of Eddie's thirst making picture.
Ron Smiths picture 1
Ron Smith's work. As you see, Ron likes sea themed pictures. Ron is certainly a very productive worker - and its nice to see that Ron keeps a very clean cutting mat - I wish he would let us know how he can work so cleanly - my own cutting mat looks like a reject from a glue factory in comparison!
Ruth Coombes 1
Ruth Coombes shows us two of her beautifully coloured marquetry pictures. Ruth is a "natural" at marquetry and has already made some wonderfully detailed pictures in her very first attempts at the art.
Ruth Coombes 2
A closer view of Ruth's pictures of, firstly, two Parrots and secondly, a Clown. As you will see, the coloured veneers have been selected so that they enhance the subjects without the colours being in any way overpowering.
Ruth Coombes 3
Ruth is seen at work on her Clown picture.
John Hallett 1
John Hallett displays his very cleanly cut picture of two birds in flight.
Are they Swifts, Swallows, or House Martins John? (Editor)
Don't worry, as soon as we can find out from John we will let you know (Web Master)

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