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The Redbridge Marquetry Group
Data Protection Policy

Privacy and confidentiality of our membership’s personal details, especially in the digital data storage arena, are of prime concern and importance to the Redbridge Marquetry Group.

We keep a database of our membership’s personal details which contains the member’s name, postal address, allocated membership number, phone number if given, email address if given and their subscription status. This fully updated and current database is only kept on the Membership Secretary’s protected membership computer – it is not distributed. We also have a written record which resides with our Membership Secretary together with a duplicate back up copy kept by our group secretary.

Any of our members are welcome to verify, change, remove or delete their data held on our database by simply placing their request verbally or written at any of our regular group meetings; or by phone call, email message/conversation or postal arrangements if desired, and these will be responded to, either instantly if at a meeting, or if by email or phone message usually within 24hours, or finally if by postal arrangement within 21 days.